Articles about photography

Pilar Aymerich

An ethical gaze

Since her beginnings, at the end of the 1960s, until today, Pilar Aymerich has photographed our social reality with a female gaze steeped in ethics, commitment, and respect for the world and her subjects.

Lupe de la Vallina

With continuous light

She always wanted to be an artist but didn’t always know how. Until they found her. At the last Málaga Film Festival, Lupe de la Vallina and her camera immortalised a tidy sum of the Spanish ‘star system’. 80 portraits to add to her collection.

Juan Baraja

The photographer of architecture

His particular way of perceiving space has turned Juan Baraja into one of the leading photographers of contemporary architecture. Within the framework of PHotoESPAÑA, he presents 'Against All That Glitters: Effects of Time'.

María Platero

Art that flows

We chat with the photographer María Platero about art, creative processes, social conventions and fortuitous connections, or not, on the occasion of her collaboration with PHotoESPAÑA to interpret the Talento a bordo initiative.

Anna Surinyach

One image, a thousand questions

Photojournalist Anna Surinyach captures reality with a visual discourse that invites the audience to ask themselves questions and go beyond the moment.

Beatriz Polo

Photography as therapy

After a career focused on intimist and symbolic photography, this Majorcan artist takes a leap and bets on artificial intelligence as a new photographic tool.

Almudena Romero

The developing power of plants

Multi-award-winning visual artist Almudena Romero is able to combine art and environment through photo printing. We talk to her about sustainable and fleeting photography and how it impacts the way we understand ourselves and express ourselves within the world.

Images on the Web

10 Spanish Photographers That You Should Follow on Instagram

They’re authors of some of the best contemporary photographs that you may have seen on social media, on magazine covers or fashion adverts. Emerging Spanish talent is online. We’re on the trail of these ten creators.

Maria Contreras Coll

The Gaze that Humanizes Tragedy

From refugee camps to Nepal’s rural heartland, photographer María Contreras Coll casts an intimate look into the faceless stories of forgotten people. Her gender perspective fights the rockstardomness prevailing in traditional photojournalism and vindicates women’s photography. 

Isabelita Virtual

The Anti-influencer That All Brands Want

She has shaken up the concept of communication in the social media world using Instagram, where she has more than 655 thousand followers, as a tool to share her point of view. You could say that Isabelita Virtual is the opposite of what we know as an influencer, although the impact of her work and creative universe extends far beyond that.