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Anna Surinyach

One image, a thousand questions

Photojournalist Anna Surinyach captures reality with a visual discourse that invites the audience to ask themselves questions and go beyond the moment.

Beatriz Polo

Photography as therapy

After a career focused on intimist and symbolic photography, this Majorcan artist takes a leap and bets on artificial intelligence as a new photographic tool.

Images on the Web

10 Spanish Photographers That You Should Follow on Instagram

They’re authors of some of the best contemporary photographs that you may have seen on social media, on magazine covers or fashion adverts. Emerging Spanish talent is online. We’re on the trail of these ten creators.

Maria Contreras Coll

The Gaze that Humanizes Tragedy

From refugee camps to Nepal’s rural heartland, photographer María Contreras Coll casts an intimate look into the faceless stories of forgotten people. Her gender perspective fights the rockstardomness prevailing in traditional photojournalism and vindicates women’s photography. 

Isabelita Virtual

The Anti-influencer That All Brands Want

She has shaken up the concept of communication in the social media world using Instagram, where she has more than 655 thousand followers, as a tool to share her point of view. You could say that Isabelita Virtual is the opposite of what we know as an influencer, although the impact of her work and creative universe extends far beyond that.

Chema Madoz

Hidden in Nature

Known for his language in black and white and his visual metaphors, photographer Chema Madoz has been turning everyday objects into open-ended questions since the 80s. His exhibition ‘La naturaleza de las cosas’ [The nature of things] can be seen at the Botanical Gardens in Madrid until March 1.

Silvia Omedes

“Photojournalism must be touching and make you think”

We chatted with Silvia Omedes, founder of Photographic Social Vision, a non-profit entity has been promoting and developing the social value of documentary photography since 2001. A key figure to understand photojournalism from the second half of the 20th century.

Carlos Saura

Genius and Idol

Photography, film, painting, literature or theatre. A tireless worker, Carlos Saura doesn’t distinguish between artistic disciplines. These days, his name is clearly displayed in an exhibition dedicated to him by the Círculo de Bellas Artes, where this genius reveals his facet as a master of images.

Eugenio Recuenco

Shooting against the Current

Capturing reality with an almost painterly sensibility is part of Recuenco’s brilliance. Now, this photographer from Madrid explores his most personal universe from several angles. A compilation of one thousand and one photographs and a series are his proposal against the culture of immediacy, conformity and lack of freedom

Joana Biarnés

When Photojournalism Conquered Fashion

Joana Biarnés was Spain’s first woman photojournalist, one that turned a man’s trade upside down with her extraordinary eye and journalistic pulse. Until 22 December, the Centro de Arte de Tarragona, in partnership with the Photographic Social Vision Foundation, will hold the exhibition 'Joana Biarnés, street fashion', showcasing 88 unpublished images that provide a snapshot of Spanish fashion and society from the 60s and 70s.