Articles about design

Casa Josephine

An Aesthetic Mood

Becoming professional interior designers wasn’t among the plans of Iñigo Aragón and Pablo López Navarro. It was the latest economic meltdown that shifted their paths. Today, the projects of Casa Josephine speak Spanish beyond our borders.

Jaime Hayon

Mediterranean Boldness

Jaime Hayón has proved there is emotion in functionality and that porcelain has a second reading. His universe finds in imagination its most powerful resource. No wonder he is the most influential creator of his generation. We chatted with him about how to conquer a territory few designers dare to conquer: playful designs that draw a smile on your face.

Kresta Design

Reinventing Space

Although they claim they don’t ascribe to any particular style, the furniture designed by Madrid-based studio Kresta has a personality of its own. With iron-forged elements and a colour palette that enlivens spaces, completely changing their intention, their pieces are more artistic than they are intended for industrial production. Each piece aims to transcend utility, that’s why they conquer the aura of any living room.

Núria Madrid

Life in Three Dimensions

Núria Madrid’s work is an explosion of colours, textures and volumes, a playful display of movements and gears. The Barcelona illustrator gives her pieces personality and character, presenting, she says, complex concepts “in a fun way through illustration”. She defines herself as a designer and her works are indeed packed with design, but also very artful.


World Design Capital 2022

On 9 September a dream came true for Valencia. The World Design Organization (WDO) named the city World Design Capital 2022, a designation previously held by Lille, Seoul and Helsinki, among others.

José Naranja

The Nomad Notebook Maker

José Naranja is not a common artist, nor does he consider himself one. However, his illustrated notebooks are real works of art everybody wants. A pleasure for lovers of contemplation, calligraphy, and drawing.

Chus Burés

Jewels with a Name of Their Own

He loves each of his pieces like they were his children. Which is why he speaks with the same enthusiasm about the ones that made him the Movida Madrileña’s jeweller as he does about the pieces belonging to his new, second brand, ChusXChus. Curious, full of creative talent and a perfect host, Chus Burés welcomes us to his Madrid studio before returning to New York, where the Leslie-Lohmann Museum is hosting an exhibition dedicated to his work.

16th Architecture Week

Madrid Opens its Doors

The Madrid Official Professional Association of Architects (COAM) is celebrating its 90th anniversary, and its legendary 'Arquitectura' magazine is turning 100. Two great reasons to host an architecture week in the Spanish capital, an international benchmark in the field.

Eva Hernández

“There Is Nothing Like Working With Your Hands To Know What You Are Capable Of”

It is no surprise that, in recent years, Eva Hernández’s ceramic pieces have found their way to the best design and interior decoration boutiques, both in and out of Spain. Handmade without moulds like yesteryear, and painted by hand using her own formulas, her timeless designs are destined to last.

Jorge Arévalo

Minimum Information, Maximum Personality

We have a chat with Jorge Arévalo, without a doubt one of the most important illustrators in Spain today. Creative and multidisciplinary like no other, the Madrilenian combines his gorgeous illustrations with an analytical mentality and a great capacity to communicate, which he applies in projects for companies like BBVA and Cartier.