Articles about design

Antoni Arola

The master of light

Design found Antoni Arola, and not the other way around. He saw the light and started creating inspired by it until becoming one of the most relevant designers in the world. Usefulness, yes, but also beauty and essence are the keys to his work.

Manuel Estrada

The power of design

Veteran designer Manuel Estrada continues to face his work with the eagerness of a novice, but the time has come to look back: the exhibition ‘Leer libros, diseñar portadas’ [Read books, design covers] goes over his 30-year career.

Lacol and La Borda

Architecture for and by the people

La Borda, a collective housing building in Barcelona, won the Mies van der Rohe Award granted by the European Union in the Emerging Architecture category. We chat to Lacol, the studio that came up with the idea for it.


World Design Capital

Valencia is the World Design Capital 2022 and Cristina Chumillas, arts and cultural manager, recommends some of the exhibitions that visitors to the city of the Turia river can find.

Ignasi Aballí

Filling the void

His work draws from Magritte, Duchamp, On Kawara and Michael Asher, among others. His elegant and minimalist conceptual art teases the audience to make them think. His latest project? The 'empty' Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

María Hesse

A woman among paintbrushes

If there’s one essential in María Hesse’s life, it’s her paintbrushes. Through them she adds colour, sensibility, and passion to the pages of all her books.

Pedro Torrijos

Architecture by tweetstorm

We chat to Pedro Torrijos, an architect, writer, and communicator who 'bangs on' about fascinating stories on architecture, unlikely territories, and the people that make them possible on Twitter.

Paco Roca

The outline of memory

Paco Roca’s artistic talent stems from both the sharpness of his drawings and a narrative inquisitiveness that lead him to explore our most recent history and defend the nobility of many anonymous lives.

Andrés Cánovas

Principled architecture

The design of the Spain Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo is founded on the idea of people and places. Designed as a space for tranquillity and reflection, this work by Amann Cánovas Maruri seeks to promote sociability.