Articles about design

Toni Segarra

“Spanish talent smells like beer”

There are few vantage points as privileged to get a feel for the talent of a country than being the creative director of an advertising agency. Toni Segarra, an indisputable guru within the sector, believes that we’re at a critical juncture, where new structures capable of releasing and setting talent free are needed. In Spain, we have a certain advantage: “No one improvises like us”.

Espacio Iberia Aeroconsciente

Design and Sustainability

Iberia presents Espacio Iberia Aeroconsciente; an exhibition consisting of three installations which highlight the company’s main sustainability values: digitalisation, waste management and cabin weight reduction.

Comme des Machines

Future Perfect

The factory of the future is located in Vizcaya. Comme des Machines is revolutionizing the fashion industry by using 3D printing while retaining an artisanal approach. Their machines revive crafts for a digital era that has memory.

Patricia Urquiola

The Curious Architect

Her talent is universal because creativity and good taste have no boundaries. Architect and designer Patricia Urquiola returns to the Spanish capital to inaugurate 'Nature Morte Vivante', an exhibition within the framework of the Madrid Design Festival to discover her very personal universe.

Izaskun Chinchilla

Transformation from a Gender Perspective

Reimagining the role of the contemporary architect and highlighting the importance of women have always been manifest in the work of Izaskun Chinchilla, one of the leading voices in the latest edition of the Madrid Design Festival. Her way of working highlights the most vital material used in building: the people who inhabit the space.

Madrid Design Festival 2020

The Design Festival Returns to the Spanish Capital

Madrid Design Festival returns to Madrid in February in order to re-design the world. Aspects such as sustainability or responsible consumption will be ever-present in order to prove design’s capacity as a weapon to change things and achieve a more humane, fair and content society.

Marisa Gallén

Design for life

In late 2019, Marisa Gallén received the National Design Award, a recognition for a long career dedicated to an artistic discipline that is much talked about but about which little is known.


Hands Full of Clay

Ceramics and an overflowing imagination, that’s all Lusesita needs to create imaginary beings, animals, and objects with a childlike yet mysterious feel to them. She takes us by the hand to take a plunge into her personal and extraordinary world.

Casa Josephine

An Aesthetic Mood

Becoming professional interior designers wasn’t among the plans of Iñigo Aragón and Pablo López Navarro. It was the latest economic meltdown that shifted their paths. Today, the projects of Casa Josephine speak Spanish beyond our borders.

Jaime Hayon

Mediterranean Boldness

Jaime Hayón has proved there is emotion in functionality and that porcelain has a second reading. His universe finds in imagination its most powerful resource. No wonder he is the most influential creator of his generation. We chatted with him about how to conquer a territory few designers dare to conquer: playful designs that draw a smile on your face.