Articles about design

Jorge Arévalo

Minimum Information, Maximum Personality

We have a chat with Jorge Arévalo, without a doubt one of the most important illustrators in Spain today. Creative and multidisciplinary like no other, the Madrilenian combines his gorgeous illustrations with an analytical mentality and a great capacity to communicate, which he applies in projects for companies like BBVA and Cartier.

Boa Mistura

Social Art Takes The Streets

Their work decorates the streets of cities such as Berlin, New Delhi, Panama and São Paulo. For Boa Mistura, art is participative—both the place and its neighbours have a say because they believe in resident’s critical and human capacity.

Mercedes Bellido:

The Enigmatic Illustrator

Mysterious, haunting atmospheres characterize the work of Mercedes Bellido, one of Spain’s most influential illustrators. Brands such as Chanel and Zara have shown interest in the particular world of this young artist from Zaragoza.