Articles about r&d

Nuria Oliver

Intelligence for all

A world expert in artificial intelligence, Nuria Oliver has spent decades researching how to use it for the greater good. Her award-winning project to predict the behaviour of the pandemic is proof of this.

Elena Gª Armada

Rise up and walk

She doesn’t perform miracles, although it may seem like it. Her scientific talent is at the service of human beings. Thanks to robotics, researcher Elena Gª Armada has managed to bring the possibility of walking closer to many children.

Cristina Linares

Cassandra was right

Cristina Linares has spent years researching and warning about the frightening consequences of climate change, which go beyond the degradation of the environment and already affect the health of millions of people.

Carlos Mataix

Innovation for a sustainable future

We chat with Carlos Mataix, director of the Iberia Chair and expert in sustainability and innovation, about the need to move towards an inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable future.