Articles about gastronomy

Sara Fort

The good hostess

The winner of the Spanish National Gastronomy Award for Best Dining Room Management has a shining career spanning 25 years. Sara Fort, who has already shaken up the industry, assures us that receiving your diners with a warm smile is the key to being a good host.

Vicky Sevilla

The youngest star

Vicky Sevilla’s career is dazzling. She admits that at the age of 17 she didn’t even know how to fry an egg, but at 29 she’s become the youngest chef to receive a Michelin star. It’s never too late to discover your talent.

Carlos Maldonado

Star chef

He’s the only chef with a Michelin star to come from a cooking talent show. Thanks to his wild spirit, perseverance, and passion for his land, he’s broken the stereotypes of the gastronomy scene.

Javier Cocheteux

The beginning of a craze

Javier Cocheteux, father and son, have turned their multi-award-winning bakery (Pan.Delirio.) into a place of worship of bread (and 'roscón' [king cake], among other delights). With honesty as their main ingredient, they campaign for artisan baking and pastry-making.

Rafa Monge

Planting emotions

Is agriculture capable of conveying the same emotion as a song? Cultivo Desterrado, the agricultural project designed and planted by Rafa Monge, answers these and other questions.

The Best Chef Awards

Cutting-edge Spanish cuisine

Innovation, new technologies, a commitment to sustainability, and a lot of passion have placed Spain at the forefront of international gastronomy: the latest edition of 'The Best Chef Awards' confirms it.

David García

Charming gastronomy

The life of chef David García didn’t point towards the stove, but rather towards the stage. Somehow, fickle destiny ended up combining the two when he came to Corral de la Morería, where cuisine and flamenco equally coexist and excite its audience.

Andrés Conde Laya

The democratisation of wine

Intuition, experience, and freedom support the work of Andrés Conde in his endless pursuit of the most surprising wines. His work won him the Spanish National Gastronomy Award for Best Sommelier in 2021.

Spanish gastronomy

Young talent

The experience at the ‘temples’ of Spanish gastronomy crystalises in the search for the perfect bite. And a promising batch of professionals under 30 is bent on this task.

Dani García

Dreams come true

Time ago, Dani García had a dream: to achieve three Michelin stars and belong to that select club. With passion and a lot of hard work, his Dani García Restaurant (Marbella) made it. A year after reaching that goal, he took a drastic but thoughtful decision which surprised many: he closed its doors.