Articles about gastronomy

Eneko Atxa

Five-star sustainability

Eneko Atxa is one of the most award-winning Spanish chefs within Spain and abroad: five Michelin stars, Best Restaurant in Europe, and Best Chef under 40, among other awards. Innovation and sustainability are part of his DNA to achieve culinary excellence.

Adriana Chía

Mixing Is An Art

Work and creativity are the ingredients that are never missing in Adriana Chía’s cocktails. This formula has made her a bartending leader worldwide. Now she’s adding her facet as an entrepreneur and her life as a mother to the mix.

Marcos Morán

And his Starred Fabada

Since 1882, tradition and high cuisine meet on the stoves of Asturian restaurant Casa Gerardo. These days, Marcos Morán is responsible for the menu, alongside his father—a family tradition that goes back five generations, and one that has earned them, among many other achievements, a Michelin star.

Eating Patterns

A Feast for the Eyes

Vega Hernando, best known as Eating Patterns, has turned the kitsch movement, graphic surrealism and food into the three pillars of her photography. With a crowd of followers on Instagram, this designer and art director publishes her first book about recipes and patterns in March.

Ricard Camarena

Vibrant Cuisine

Although the saying goes “A prophet is not without honour save in his own country”, chef Ricard Camarena fully contradicts this statement. His restaurant in Valencia has not only consolidated his second Michelin Star, but has raised him up to the top of international gastronomy.

Almudena Alberca

Much More Than a Nose

The first woman in Spain to be named Master of Wine represents a new generation of winemakers who preserve the legacy of the past while working on the challenges that wineries will face in the future, the main one being the adaptation of grapes to climate change.

Dabiz Muñoz

The Muscle of Spanish Cuisine

Three Michelin stars aren’t enough for Spain’s most popular cook. On the verge of opening his third StreetXo, in Dubai, Daviz confesses he’s hungry like a shark—always looking for his next prey. The chef’s secret? Surrounding himself with talented people and applying his own with iron discipline. There will be plenty of time to relax later.

Saray Ruiz

A Sweets Lover

Saray Ruiz is the first woman to win the top prize at the 11th Championship for Best Master Artisan Chocolatier Lluís Santapau Trophy. Her next challenge is to lead the Spanish team at the World Cup of Pastry in Lyon in 2021. Two great news for a bubbling career.

Raquel Carmona

Baroque Cuisine

A self-taught photographer, Raquel Carmona has forged an unmistakable style in food photography, her images resembling still lifes by Velazquez. Her masterful command of light, which she has honed after hours of trial and error, and her love for the Baroque inform her pictorial culinary photographs, which feel like they can be bitten and savoured.


The Future of Gastronomy Is Tested Here

This isn’t a restaurant. They feed you, there’s a menu, tables, cutlery, kitchen and wine, but this isn’t a restaurant. Its name says it all (LABe, Digital Gastronomy Lab) and the Basque Culinary Center, the entity responsible for this pioneering project ‘testing’ new gastronomy, is quick to remind us of this.