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The Best Chef Awards

Cutting-edge Spanish cuisine

Innovation, new technologies, a commitment to sustainability, and a lot of passion have placed Spain at the forefront of international gastronomy: the latest edition of 'The Best Chef Awards' confirms it.

David García

Charming gastronomy

The life of chef David García didn’t point towards the stove, but rather towards the stage. Somehow, fickle destiny ended up combining the two when he came to Corral de la Morería, where cuisine and flamenco equally coexist and excite its audience.

Andrés Conde Laya

The democratisation of wine

Intuition, experience, and freedom support the work of Andrés Conde in his endless pursuit of the most surprising wines. His work won him the Spanish National Gastronomy Award for Best Sommelier in 2021.

Spanish gastronomy

Young talent

The experience at the ‘temples’ of Spanish gastronomy crystalises in the search for the perfect bite. And a promising batch of professionals under 30 is bent on this task.

Alejandra Rivas

The heart of Rocambolesc

A world of fantasy where children create unforgettable memories and adults have flashbacks they thought they’d forgotten. This is Rocambolesc, a sweet paradise conceived by Alejandra Rivas, alongside Jordi Roca.

Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo

Manchegan territory

With a dazzling career behind them, chefs Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo are on their way to achieving the coveted Michelin star with a gastronomic proposal based on recovering ancient techniques and their particular homage to Castile-La Mancha.

Alejandro Serrano

The Sea of Castile

Alejandro Serrano’s cuisine combines youth, talent, and creativity. The result: a Michelin star at the young age of 24 and a new concept, the Sea of Castile, has burst onto the Spanish gastronomy scene with inspiring force.

María Vargas

The oenologist of excellence

María Vargas defines oenology as the perfect combination of agriculture, science, technology, and art. Poetry that seduces her daily and leads her to her sole objective: to make the best wine possible.

Ángel León

The light of the sea

Ángel León carries the flag for sustainable gastronomy with four Michelin stars and Andalusian accent. We talk with him from his emblematic restaurant, Aponiente, about a future full of flavour and hope for the planet.

Eneko Atxa

Five-star sustainability

Eneko Atxa is one of the most award-winning Spanish chefs within Spain and abroad: five Michelin stars, Best Restaurant in Europe, and Best Chef under 40, among other awards. Innovation and sustainability are part of his DNA to achieve culinary excellence.