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Feminine Singular

In less than a decade, Zahara has become one of the leading figures of the Spanish indie scene. Her songs reach a wide audience that also supports her restlessness and versatility as an artist. Hers is a self-managed career with an artistic stance committed to equality.

Raül Refree

At the Roots

In the last few years, Raül Refree has become one of the most important and international producers in the Spanish music scene. His name is linked to the new flamenco cultivated by Silvia Pérez Cruz, Rocío Márquez or Rosalía, but is also connected to records by Mala Rodríguez, Albert Pla, Josele Santiago, Kiko Veneno, and now also Rodrigo Cuevas’ awaited new album.


Flying High at The Grammys

Nella, the singer of Iberia’s song Volando, won a Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. One of today’s most promising singers, we stole a few minutes from her to talk about what it feels like on days when the stars seem to have aligned in your favour.

Julia de Castro

The Life and Death of De la Puríssima

After ten years on the stage, De la Puríssima is saying goodbye. Led by Julia de Castro, voice and soul of this quartet that dared to merge cuplé with jazz, they will say goodbye forever to their fans in a memorable performance at Festival de Otoño. Amen.

Adriana Tanus

Music for Diversity

Adriana Tanus, conductor of the OJEM [Madrid European Youth Orchestra], has turned music into the best instrument to fight for a more diverse and tolerant world. Her next adventure: presenting Mozart’s 'Requiem' with her musicians at the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid.

Coque Malla

A Revolution with a Name of its Own

A natural stage animal, Coque Malla is also the author of some of the best songs in Spanish recorded in recent decades. Although he doesn’t believe in it, his latest album is touched by what is commonly known as maturity.

La Bien Querida

Spells of Love and Music

La Bien Querida is back with ‘Brujería’, an album that works as a magic spell in many ways. One of the leading figures in the Spanish alternative scene –she also has a cameo in the 3rd season of Spanish TV series ‘Paquita Salas’—, with this album she is celebrating her first decade in music.

Le Parody

“Berlin is my Jerusalem”

The singer and electronic music producer is about to turn the Spanish music scene on its head with ‘Porvenir’, a musical manifesto where past and future converge.

León Benavente

The Four Riders of Spanish Pop

The fourpiece has just released a third long-feature album, ‘Vamos a volvernos locos’ (Warner, 2019), their most energetic work to date but not without emotion. It’s a collection of songs that will make you dance on the dancefloor in between sobs.


“Flamenco Should Be Learned From Childhood”

Considered the best flamenco guitarist on the planet, Tomatito accepts the compliments with absolute humility. Because behind his talent are many hours of work. A good example of this is his upcoming 'El concierto de Aranjuez', an album the Almería-born musician has already been playing on stages all over Spain.