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Devil came to me

Dover’s 'Devil came to me', a quintessential album for an entire generation, turns 25, and we’re celebrating by chatting to some of its makers and analysing its impact.


The voice of the street

Haze is the voice of the streets and his lyrics force us to look closely at a reality to which we often prefer to turn our backs. 'Carne de cañón', his next album, is not going to leave us that choice.


On the way to success

With a meteoric career, international recognition and a tour nearing completion in Madrid, Nella tells us the keys to her success: the fusion of different styles, love for her roots and her intimate voice.

Israel Suárez, “Piraña”

Master touch

Israel Suárez, “Piraña”, is part of a generation of percussionists who have combined different contemporary styles, rhythms and influences: from pop to Latin jazz, the cajón box drum transcends beyond flamenco.

Julián Villagrán

Back to the 90s

This isn’t an actor who also sings, but a musician that has made a career out of acting. Villagrán launches his first album, influenced by rave music and independent British rock.

Almudena Heredero

Cultural Management, Music, and Equality

Because of her experience, market vision and knowledge, Almudena Heredero has played a part in the necessary renewal that the Spanish music industry has undergone over the past ten years. Among the changes are, of course, women’s fight to gain visibility and equality. We chatted with her. 


The Elegance of Subtlety

They release records at their own pace, without pressures of any kind. Teresa Iturrioz and Ibon Errazkin, the members of Single, are cult artists in their own right. Their music, however, is open to all publics — an exquisite blend of pop and folk that could belong to any period, but which always sounds fiercely personal.


The Barcelona-based production company behind music videos for Katy Perry and Rosalia

Despite what its name and track record may suggest, the CANADA production company was founded in Barcelona more than a decade ago, leaving a signature mark on the international audio-visual scene.

Eduardo de la Iglesia

Soundtracks for Binary Realities

He’s as likely to make music for a fight between virtual warriors as a futurist adventure or a battle set during World War II. A forerunner on the other side of the pond, Eduardo de la Iglesia, from Madrid, talks to Talento a bordo about one of the most creative and unknown jobs of our time: making soundtracks for video games.


Feminine Singular

In less than a decade, Zahara has become one of the leading figures of the Spanish indie scene. Her songs reach a wide audience that also supports her restlessness and versatility as an artist. Hers is a self-managed career with an artistic stance committed to equality.