Articles about music

Sebastián Yatra

The voice of Ibero-America

Curiosity and courage are what helped Sebastián Yatra transcend music to try his luck in the world of film. And he did so in Spanish as his hallmark, making Ibero-America proud.

Fernando Velázquez

A cinema musician

Sometimes just a few notes are enough to remember a film and feel moved again. Composer Fernando Velázquez, one of the most renowned and well-respected in Spain, knows what we’re talking about.

Marina Herlop

A universal language

With ‘Pripyat’, an album sung in a made-up language, Marina Herlop has managed to draw public attention and earn her place on both the national and international scene.


About Alaska y Nacho

We chat to Alaska and Nacho Canut (Fangoria) about a bit of everything, almost in honour of the song that opens their latest EP (‘Ex Profeso’).

Xoel López

A man of all places

Xoel López had to travel far, really far, to find himself again. The result of this journey was ‘Atlántico’, an album that few understood but that today, coinciding with its tenth anniversary, stands unscathed.

Los Estanques & Anni B Sweet

Comfortable bubble and unexpected elephant

Los Estanques and Anni B Sweet have combined their talents to sign one of the most acclaimed albums of the year: 'Burbuja cómoda y elefante inesperado'. In upcoming months, their charming live performances will be heard across Spain.


The voice of generation Z

Crystal clear melodies, catchy choruses, and an irresistible voice. The music of Irenegarry sounds spontaneous and fresh, two must-haves to win the hearts of the young (and not so young).


Cosmopolitan ritual

With 'Ritual', Dorian’s new album, the band invites everyone to hit play on life after the pandemic and to celebrate a concept of cosmopolitanism that encourages us to mix and be inspired.

2022 festivals

Musical hedonism

Pleasure. What you feel when you listen to your favourite song, sing it at the top of your lungs, and share it with thousands of people. After taking a break due to the pandemic, music festivals are back with a bang.


Devil came to me

Dover’s 'Devil came to me', a quintessential album for an entire generation, turns 25, and we’re celebrating by chatting to some of its makers and analysing its impact.