Articles about music

Los Estanques & Anni B Sweet

Comfortable bubble and unexpected elephant

Los Estanques and Anni B Sweet have combined their talents to sign one of the most acclaimed albums of the year: 'Burbuja cómoda y elefante inesperado'. In upcoming months, their charming live performances will be heard across Spain.


The voice of generation Z

Crystal clear melodies, catchy choruses, and an irresistible voice. The music of Irenegarry sounds spontaneous and fresh, two must-haves to win the hearts of the young (and not so young).


Cosmopolitan ritual

With 'Ritual', Dorian’s new album, the band invites everyone to hit play on life after the pandemic and to celebrate a concept of cosmopolitanism that encourages us to mix and be inspired.

2022 festivals

Musical hedonism

Pleasure. What you feel when you listen to your favourite song, sing it at the top of your lungs, and share it with thousands of people. After taking a break due to the pandemic, music festivals are back with a bang.


The voice of the street

Haze is the voice of the streets and his lyrics force us to look closely at a reality to which we often prefer to turn our backs. 'Carne de cañón', his next album, is not going to leave us that choice.


On the way to success

With a meteoric career, international recognition and a tour nearing completion in Madrid, Nella tells us the keys to her success: the fusion of different styles, love for her roots and her intimate voice.

Israel Suárez, “Piraña”

Master touch

Israel Suárez, “Piraña”, is part of a generation of percussionists who have combined different contemporary styles, rhythms and influences: from pop to Latin jazz, the cajón box drum transcends beyond flamenco.

Lucas Vidal

Much more than soundtracks

Lucas Vidal, a composer from Madrid inspired by the likes of Bach, Wagner, Queen and Paco de Lucía, has signed scores for films as diverse as The Island Inside or Fast & Furious 6.

Julián Villagrán

Back to the 90s

This isn’t an actor who also sings, but a musician that has made a career out of acting. Villagrán launches his first album, influenced by rave music and independent British rock.

Almudena Heredero

Cultural Management, Music, and Equality

Because of her experience, market vision and knowledge, Almudena Heredero has played a part in the necessary renewal that the Spanish music industry has undergone over the past ten years. Among the changes are, of course, women’s fight to gain visibility and equality. We chatted with her.