Articles about literature

Juan Gómez-Jurado

Keeping the reader in suspense

Over time, Juan Gómez-Jurado has woven his own universe where his thrillers leave readers breathless. He’s back with ‘Todo Arde’, a novel featuring three fearless women.

Leticia Sala

The power of words

Words are the raw material Leticia Sala works with and she has the virtue of cutting them down and conveying more with less. Her first short-story collection, ‘Los cisnes de Macy’s’, is proof of this.

Rafa Cervera

Musical (and emotional) education

From journalism, where he became a role model for music fans, Rafa Cervera made the leap to literature. Now, he’s published his third novel: ‘Canción para hombres grandes’. An interview with a soundtrack.

Rosa Montero

Playing with creativity

This journalist and writer Rosa Montero has just received the 2022 Festival Eñe Award in recognition of her entire career. Her latest book, 'El peligro de estar cuerda', is another testament to her unquenchable talent.

Pol Guasch

The kaleidoscopic writing

The Festival Eñe Talento a bordo Award has been granted to Catalan writer Pol Guasch. With two poetry collections and one novel under his belt, the jury has highlighted the maturity of his gaze and his experimental audacity.

Festival Eñe

Literature, naturally

Festival Eñe, which celebrates its 14th edition in Madrid and Málaga, is back with a brand-new category: the Festival Eñe Talento a bordo Award. This award will be granted to an emerging talent in Spanish literature.

Mónica Rouanet

The lady of the crime novel

Seeing the world through the eyes of others, even a murderer, allows us to check ourselves. This is the journey writer Mónica Rouanet takes the reader on in her latest work: ‘Nada importante’.

Carlos Zanón

Songs like novels

Carlos Zanón is a novelist, journalist, columnist, poet, and commissioner of the Barcelona Negra literary festival. Writing is his life, which changes to the rhythm of those songs that are like novels.

Albert Espinosa

The yellow world

Albert Espinosa’s life hasn’t been easy, but he regards it with optimism —realism, in his own words— and refuses to give up. His philosophy, captured in his books and films, has turned him into a role model for thousands of people.

Gabi Martínez

Words to save the world

‘Liternature’, described by Gabi Martínez as that literature that seeks to re-establish that missing dialogue between humans and all other living things, can change the course of our lives forever: discovering an unknown self in faraway destinations, or getting to know ourselves better by following animal tracks. Writer Gabi Martínez tells us about this.