Articles about literature

Jorge Martí

A hymn to life

After a 27-year career, the lead singer of La Habitación Roja, one of the most veteran independent Spanish rock bands, decided to take stock and write his autobiography: 'Canción de amor definitiva' [Ultimate love song].

Juan Tallón


Writer Juan Tallón makes a U-turn after the success of 'Rewind' and delivers 'Obra maestra' [Masterpiece], an unbelievable tale about the disappearance of a sculpture by artist Richard Serra.

Ana Merino

An All-Round Author

With her first attempt at novel writing, writer Ana Merino has become the new recipient of the 2020 Nadal Award for 'El mapa de los afectos', a portrait of America’s Midwest that captures today’s main social issues and in which references to Spain abound.

Almudena Grandes

Journey to the Women’s Asylum

The writer brings back the crime of child killer Aurora Rodríguez Carballaira in ‘La madre de Frankenstein’, the new instalment of her series dedicated to the post-war era where the reader is submerged into the suffocating and chauvinistic Spain of the 1950s.

Elvira Navarro

On Fantasy, the Quotidian, and Fear

The author of 'La isla de los conejos' (Rabbit Island) took up writing to create worlds like the ones she encountered in her readings. Today, the unique universe of her short stories has become a complex scenery in which nothing is what is seems, in which the abnormal coexists with the quotidian. Come in and read. 

Irene Vallejo

All the Truth About Lifesaving Books

Immersed in an endless promotional tour, amidst talks and interviews, we stole some valuable time from writer Irene Vallejo, author of El infinito en un junco [The infinite in a Reed], to chat about the pleasure of knowledge, reading and the art of lending books, the best way, according to her, to get rid of them.

Caniche Publishing House

Assault on Art

A book bound with a stippled cover. A photo diary by a band on tour in Mexico. A poetry book devised as a Duchampian readymade. A selection of books turned into a pictorial artwork by a plastic artist. The Caniche publishing house sees publishing as a space of freedom and adventure, in which each project follows its own rules.

Use Lahoz

The Written Memory

The author of the award-winning novels 'Los Baldrich' (FNAC Talent 2009), 'Los buenos amigos' (Premio Ojo Crítico 2012) and 'El año en que me enamoré de todas' (The Year I Fell in Love with Them All), a book that earned him the prestigious Premio Primavera de Novela 2013, returns to bookshops with a story about memory and forgiveness.

Agustín Fernández Mallo

Heraclitus, Radiophysics and ‘Sálvame Deluxe’

Agustín Fernández Mallo has been translated into more than ten languages, which is clear evidence of the relevance of his work. Last year he published two new major books: the novel 'War Trilogy', which won the Premio Biblioteca Breve, and the essay 'Teoría general de la basura' (General Theory of Rubbish: Culture, Appropriation, Complexity), a fiction book and a non-fiction book respectively in which Mallo, a flag bearer of the Nocilla Generation, expresses his personal vision of history.

Joan Margarit

The Poet of Clarity

There are poets whose existence protects us from the vanities of literature and reconciles us with the troubles of life. One such poet is the winner of the latest Miguel de Cervantes Prize, Catalan writer and architect Joan Margarit (Segarra, 1938), author of such important books as ‘Joana’, ‘Cálculo de estructuras’, ‘Casa de Misericordia’ or ‘Se pierde la señal’.