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Niños gratis

Honest Books with Queer DNA

Paz Olivares and Weldon Penderton are Niños Gratis; a new publishing house in Madrid that is on everyone’s lips after only one year. What’s their trick? To publish books that catch your eye and touch your soul.


A 21st-Century Troubadour

Writer, singer, composer, singer-songwriter. His great ability to deal with complex issues full of sentimental motivations simply and personally has brought him success, fame and recognition. In December, he’ll close the tour for his latest record, ‘Mis Paisajes Interiores’, in Madrid, during which he has offered more than two-hundred concerts in the last three years between Spain and Latin America.

David Trueba

The Creative Factory

Whenever David Trueba finishes writing a novel, shooting a movie or making a documentary, he is left with feelings of ambivalence. On the one hand, there is the satisfaction of a job finished and; on the other, the embarrassment of having to show his work. In order to neutralise those fears, when he is releasing or publishing something, he is usually already involved in a new project. We stole a few moments with him while he is immersed in the postproduction of his next film, 'A este lado del mundo'.

Sabina Urraca

The Hybrid Writer

From writing a piece about how the Bélmez's faces ruined her computer, to interviewing La Veneno, giving a TED talk and singing with her band Los Celos. Sabina Urraca has few things left to do in life.

Paula Bonet

Stories by Brush and Pen

Literature, illustration, painting—the boundaries between disciplines have never been an obstacle for the versatile Paula Bonet to express her inner world. The coming days she will be at the Eñe Festival, which occupies a special place in her heart, with her show 'Abrir la boca y decir lo nuestro' [Open our mouths and say our thing], in which painting and live poetry go hand in hand.

Festival Eñe

Tell me a Story

Journalists, poets, essayists, monologuists and artists will participate in the 11th edition of Festival Eñe, held in Madrid and Malaga and which, for the first time, has a guest country, Mexico.

Juan José Millás

The Endless Act of Writing

Inventive, bright, subtle or Kafkaesque are some of the most common qualifiers used to describe the narrative pulse and universe of Juan José Millás, a key figure in both Spanish journalism and contemporary fiction. With a new book under his arm, he is also one of the leading voices in this year’s Festival Eñe.

Online Verses

The Revolution of the Millennial Poets

In recent years, the Spanish literary ecosystem has been profoundly altered by a poetic explosion that has caused a flood of new creators coming from the insides of the internet. In addition to modifying the editorial landscape, the digital native poets have also collapsed the bestseller lists with their creative output.

Marina Perezagua

“Writing allows me to live with my characters”

Writing, diving—two ways of looking inside oneself, of fighting against the speed of the world. Marina Perezagua has been living in New York for over fifteen years, and her cosmopolitan nature permeates in her stories, set in faraway but recognisable and well-researched places. We speak to her about her last book, ‘Seis formas de morir en Texas’.