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Spanish painting

The validity of the Spanish paintbrush

Goya, Velázquez, Murillo, Sorolla, Dalí, Picasso... Historically, Spanish painting has been renowned around the world. What about now? Who inherited the talent of those great masters?

Irma Álvarez-Laviada

Minimalism and delicacy

Irma Álvarez-Laviada has managed to transcend pictorial art and reinvent her work using materials in her studio. Her personal style, wrapped in minimalism and delicacy, was a hit at ARCO 2022, and she’s back again this year.


The success of Cosmic Girl

Laura Mas, better known as Okokume, breathes fresh air into contemporary art with the iconic character featured in her paintings, Cosmic Girl, and an inspiring message to overcome social issues.

Pepe Carretero

Living shamelessly

Autobiographical themes, dreamscapes, LGTBI, and even the most traditional Manchegan folklore make up Pep Carretero’s widely varying artistic universe.

Solimán López

The (intangible) art of the future

He will go down in history for being the first artist to sell a work of art in NFT (Non-Refundable Token) format at ARCO, for founding the incomparable Harddiskmuseum, and for interpreting art as an intangible concept of infinite resources.

Avelino Sala

Art with speech

The talent of conceptual artist Avelino Sala reveals itself again at Estampa 2022, showing some of his works, and the Lanzarote Art Biennial, where he presents his ‘Museo Arqueológico de la Revuelta’.

Teresa Solar

The brave sculptor

Teresa Solar’s art captivated the 2021 Liverpool Biennial and now follows suit at the Venice Biennale thanks to her attractive (and colossal) clay and resin pieces titled ‘Tunnel Boring Machines’.

María Ángeles Vila

The signing of Dior

The passion, sensitivity, and versatility of this Spanish artist captivated Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s creative director, who signed her for the spectacular ‘Cruise 2023’ fashion show recently held in Seville.

Marina Anaya

Art without Instructions

Marina Anaya’s is a universe full of colour and feeling, a world in which figures and tones transmit strength and optimism in abundance. The works of this artist touch are ‘born’ with a common spirit: the search for beauty, for positivity, for the most “beautiful and friendly” part, in her own words, of life.

Elena Gual

Female beauty

Despite her youth, Elena Gual has developed a unique and easily recognisable style thanks to her star theme, the female figure, and a classic technique that she brings back to life and adapts, impasto.