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For the love of art

Through their art gallery, WE COLLECT, Enrique del Río and Amaia de Meñaka tell us how to discover the artists who will become the great masters of the future, and how to promote smart collecting.

Art by Women

Five Female Exhibitions

Thanks to these women, today, female art continues to gain visibility around the world, in all five continents and in multiple forms of expression. An unstoppable phenomenon reflected in these five exhibitions where women are the theme.

Lula Goce

Art That Blooms on Façades

Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy... The girls, women and natural elements that fill Lula Goce’s work are being flaunted by façades around the world, including the mecca of street art, New York. Additionally, two of her pieces are on the list of the 100 best graffito in the world.

Christian G. Bello

Poetics of Matter

He’s one of the most recognised Spanish artists within young contemporary plastic creation and one of the five finalists of the IV Premio Cervezas Alhambra de Arte Emergente [4th Emerging Art Alhambra Beer Awards]. These days, Galician Christian García Bello will spend his fifth consecutive year at ARCOmadrid with several proposals which are the result of his research as a sculptor.

ARCOmadrid 2020

Life is Art

In its 38 years of life, the International Contemporary Art Fair ARCOmadrid has become a must-visit event for collectors and art lovers from around the world. Its secret? An impeccable selection of art galleries and an inspiring program curated to bring the most transformative art closer to all audiences. 

Ana Laura Aláez

What You Don’t See on the Dance Floor

Twenty years ago, Ana Laura Aláez turned the art circuit upside down with an installation that consisted of creating a night club inside a national museum. Now established as one of the key voices of her generation, the artist who made orthodox critics feel very uncomfortable in the 1990s once again delights us with an exhibition that traces her entire career and starts a dialogue with the spectator about the possibility of what could have been.

Carlos Fernández-Pello

“With my work, I want others to tell me what I don’t know”

His work reached the masses through the cover of a C. Tagana album. Nevertheless, ‘hyperactive’ Carlos Fernández-Pello has been on Madrid’s artistic scene for years, both as an artist, teacher, editor and commissioner. We dive into his workspace to discover the practice of this millennial artist first-hand, who in just a few years has won over the art masters.

Beyond ARCO

Other Fairs During Madrid Art Week

They emerged under ARCO, but in the last few years, these fairs have come into their own. During Art Week, Madrid hosts a steady stream of fairs for all audiences, tastes and pockets. Whether you like illustration, urban or contemporary art, you have a date in the capital of the kingdom.

Espai Tactel

Art from the Present

Based in Valencia and Barcelona, ​​the Espai Tactel art gallery has worked as a platform for avant-garde contemporary art since 2013. Among their proposals, which in recent years have been showcased in the world’s most important art fairs, are 3D installations, net narrative, and digital art.

Jaime Mato

Taxidermy for vegans

Jaime Mato turns entomology into fine art. But the artist doesn’t do it the old-fashioned way; he creates beetle collections with recycled coffee capsules. Welcome to the era of sustainable art!