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Jesús Carmona

Flamenco is in his blood

Even though there was no flamenco on at Jesús Carmona’s house when he was little, its rhythm was already coursing through his veins. He started out at the tender age of seven and is now one of the most well-regarded flamenco dancers in the world.

Talía Awards

Young Talent

The Talía Awards, in collaboration with Iberia, have recognised flamenco singer Kiki Morente and actress Carolina Yuste with the Young Talent Award. They succeed dancer Sergio Bernal and actress María Hervás on the list of winners.

Platino Awards

The audience has the floor

The Audience Award, sponsored by Iberia since 2015, has become the perfect leadup to the Platino Awards. With their votes, spectators choose their favourite films, series, actors, and actresses.

Cecilia Roth

Platino Honorary Award

Cecilia Roth’s face is linked to some of the best films produced by Ibero-American film and her career is an example of the excellence Latin America and Spain can reach when they combine their artistic souls.

Spanish female film directors

A revolutionary gaze

Until recently, directing films seemed off-limits to women in Spain, but a new generation of filmmakers —Carla Simón, Pilar Palomero, or Paula Ortiz, among others— have broken through that glass ceiling.

Rafaela Carrasco

Flamenco legacy

Rafaela Carrasco, a restless flamenco dancer who always seeks to offer her own vision, has been awarded the 2023 Spanish National Dance Award, a recognition of the legacy she’s leaving the world of flamenco dance.

Carles Sans

Alone at last!

Eager to make people laugh and without disowning his past with Tricicle, Carles Sans celebrates being... alone at last! A sentiment that’s the name of his first solo performance, ‘¡Por fin solo!’, which will tour theatres across Spain.

Les Luthiers

A farewell with smiles

The Argentinian group Les Luthiers will tour Spain and Latin America with ‘Más tropiezos de Mastropiero’, the show they’re bidding farewell to the stage with after more than five decades on the road.

Platino Awards

The heart of lbero-America

For the last decade, the Platino Awards take the pulse of the Ibero-American film industry. And that beat reverberates with increasing force around the world thanks to their excellent films and series.

Carla Simón

A unique gaze

You don’t find filmmakers like Carla Simón, with a sincere, humble and honest gaze, every day. With just two films, 'Summer 1993' and 'Alcarràs', which aspires to three Platino Awards, this Catalan filmmaker has turned into a role model for Spanish film.