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Alfredo Castro

The art of performing without acting

He’s considered the best Chilean actor of all time, but... what lies behind his talent? Performing without acting. That’s the key, according to Alfredo Castro, winner of the Platino Award for Best Supporting Actor for the second year running.

Ilse Salas

Absorbing the entire world

Mexican Ilse Salas takes on the Platino Awards with her second consecutive nomination for Best Actress, this time for ‘Plaza Catedral’. The actress chats to us about film, roles, connecting talents, and inspiration.

Yolanda Serrano and Eva Leira

Discovering stars

Spanish cinema would have different faces if it weren’t for them. We chat to Yolanda Serrano and Eva Leira, the casting directors who, thanks to their eye for talent, turn strangers into stars.

Carmelo Gómez

An unexpected comeback

Carmelo Gómez returns to the big screen. A decision that could only come from a reencounter with Imanol Uribe. 'Llegaron de noche', which premieres at the Malaga Film Festival, is their sixth collaboration.

Almudena Amor

At first sight

After appearing in just two films, 'The Good Boss' and 'The Grandmother', Almudena Amor has dazzled both critics and audience with her mysterious and magnetic charisma. A love at first sight that’s been missing from Spanish cinema for some time.

David Serrano

The king of the musical gets ‘serious’

David Serrano puts his fetish genres, comedy and musical, aside to adapt a libretto by Martin McDonagh ('The Pillowman', with Belén Cuesta and Ricardo Gómez) in a new example of the versatility of the Madrid-born creator.


Our cinema reaches new heights

Iberia is, once again, supporting the 8th Edition of the PLATINO Awards, held in Madrid between the 30th of September and the 3rd of October.

Mago Yunke

The impossible illusionist

With the second season of his show Hangar 52 Revolution just released, we talk to Yunke the Magician about the creative process, the so-called "classified illusions" and what it means to support local magic.