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A Female Gaze

The Cine por Mujeres Festival is Back

Film Festival Cine por Mujeres (Cinema by Women) returns to Madrid: a date that aims to raise awareness about the work done by all the women in the film industry through screenings and a full educational programme. In its third edition, animation and cinematography also gain prominence.

Miquel Barcelona

Catharsis on the Stage

Miquel Barcelona was born in San Esteban de Sasroviras (Barcelona), which is also Rosalía’s hometown, but his career has gone a different way. For fifteen years, he has been devoted to what he likes most — dance, whether by creating musicals, singing opera or teaching at the Operación Triunfo Academy, the Spanish version of 'Pop Idol'. Now, he is going back to his alternative essence with [Kórps], a contemporary dance piece influenced by popular tradition and human practices of violence, vigil and death.

Begoña Vargas

The Big Leap

After working in theatre and series such as ‘La otra mirada’ or ‘High Seas’, Begoña Vargas makes the leap to the big screen and plays the leading role in the horror film ‘Malasaña 32’, directed by Albert Pintó. We’ll be on her tail...

Belén Sánchez-Arévalo

Stories in Tiny Flasks

The short is doing wonderfully. Ask Belén Sánchez-Arévalo, short writer with over two hundred awards in her cabinet. The latest being Best Spanish Fiction Short / Iberia Talent on Board Award for Best Spanish Script at the 9th edition of the ABC Spanish American Short Festival.

Greta Fernández

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Greta Fernández is the breakthrough actor of 2019, after winning the Concha de Plata Award at the San Sebastian Festival and being nominated for the Goya Award for her leading role in ‘A Thief’s Daughter’. Daughter of writer Esmeralda Berbel and actor Eduard Fernández, with whom she shares credits on the film, it was obvious that math wasn’t going to be her thing.

Rubén Olmo

“Having an ego is great, as long as you know how to manage it”

He started out dancing when he was a kid. And even though it hasn’t been an easy ride for him, Rubén Olmo can be proud of having reached the top, becoming the new the director of the Spanish National Ballet.

Marta Etura

Beyond Baztán

The actress is premiering the second part of the film adaptation of 'The Baztán Trilogy', by Dolores Redondo. 'The Legacy of the Bones' is darker than the more complex first instalment of the saga, and the leading character —Inspector Amaia Salazar— shares with the woman who plays her much more than a magnetic and expressive face.

Gabriel Olivares

Humour on the Stage

Gabriel Olivares is the man behind one of the greatest theatre hits in recent years, a stage wizard for whom directing a play consists in “caring for and enhancing talent.” The director of the famed play 'Burundanga', he currently has three other plays running in Madrid while at the same time kicking off El Gallinero, a space for creation, rehearsal and performance, an Arcadia in the heart of Carabanchel.

Belén Cuesta

Versatility, Hard Work and Ingenuity

This is her year, even though it seems that the last few years of Spanish cinema are also hers. She plays the leading role in the award-winning ‘The Endless Trench’, and her latest film, ‘Advantages of Travelling by Train’, with Luis Tosar, Pilar Castro and Ernesto Alterio, has just premiered. We travel back in time with her to Teatro Lara, where a story of divine revelations and Whitney Houston songs marked the official beginning of a career founded on hard work and perseverance.

Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Long live the Spanish thriller

After the success of his Oscar-nominated short film 'Mother' (Madre), Rodrigo Sorogoyen releases his feature film with the same name on November 15, while preparing his new series 'Antidisturbios' [Antiriot police]. We managed to steal a few moments from his busy schedule to talk to him about his experience in Hollywood, new projects and his next adventure on the small screen.