Articles about art

Luis Gordillo

From avant-garde to calm

A living legend of contemporary Spanish painting and a tireless explorer of new messages and aesthetic possibilities. Sevillian painter Luis Gordillo wins our hearts again with his anthological chromatic series.

Ana Barriga


Ana Barriga’s diametrically innocent and perimetrically conniving pictures and sculptures have found a perfect match in the current art market. At her latest exhibition in Dubai, all her works sold a fortnight before opening.

David Rodríguez Caballero

The metal alchemist

The pure lines of his sculptures establish a unique relationship with light and movement. Elegant and ethereal, his works have been exhibited (and admired) around the world.

Anna Carreras


Digital artist Anna Carreras knows no physical or imaginary boundaries. At the beginning of ISEA2022, we chat to her about generative art, creative language, and the infinite range of opportunities that the Internet offers the world of art.

Lita Cabellut

No limits

Strength, passion, reflection, and a lot of existential truth are the keys that each of the works of Lita Cabellut exudes. The perfect cocktail to turn them into cherished objects of desire.

Laura Cano

Travelling back in time

Laura Cano’s portraits inhale modernity and exhale classicism, which is why they’re able to transport the audience to bygone eras while remaining in the present. What’s behind this unique gaze?


At street level

We wind our way across Madrid with Rosh:., also known as Rosh333 or RLove, in search for the best urban art.

Marina Núñez

The art of perseverance

Marina Núñez traded her paintbrushes for a mouse, and oil painting for software. Perseverance has always been her greatest ally, and she demonstrates this even today, with more than two decades of experience under her belt, while she retouches some of the hundreds of stills per minute that make up her videos.

Marlborough Gallery

This is what contemporaneity looked like

The Marlborough Gallery landed in Madrid in 1992 and, since then, has become a landmark for contemporary art lovers. This relationship with Spain blossomed decades earlier, when one of its founders, Frank Lloyd, became aware of the work of Juan Genovés.

INGOYA Exhibition

How Don Francisco jumped to the screens

The INGOYA exhibition offers a tour that immerses the viewer in Goya's work based on a single premise: complement what can be seen in the main art galleries of the world through new and immersive staging.