Articles about fashion

Pepa Salazar

Empowerment, Sustainability and Anime

The Valencia-born designer claims there is life for fashion beyond aesthetics. A good example is to be found in her collections, which draw from the present to send a message of social transformation.

Helena Rohner

Jewel-shaped Digital Poetry

She was one of the first to apply porcelain to jewellery. Not long after, she did the same with wood. Now, many of the pieces made by Helena Rohner are 3D printed. A new craftwork era for an entire industry that the designer unfolds first-hand.

Miren Arzalluz

Parisian Fashion with a Basque Accent

In a few months, Miren Arzalluz, the Spaniard at the helm of Paris’s fashion museum, will live a most decisive moment. The museum, currently undergoing renovation, will reopen its doors with new exhibition halls, a retrospective on Coco Chanel, and the presentation of the new permanent collection.


Pumps Up the Volume of Fashion

Tested on Instagram with thousands of likes, big tulles and maximalist ruffles have become synonyms with avant-garde. Madrid-born designer CÉLIAvalverde has turned them into her hallmarks, but her universe doesn’t end here. Ask Kendall Jenner!


Timeless Bags with a Touch of Mischief

On the verge of turning a decade in the market, Mercules has gone from making waves on social media as ‘the bags with the arrow’ brand to being a household name with a complex creative universe behind them.


The Sustainable and Responsible Adventure of Gloria Gubianas

Gloria Gubianas has proved money can be made while generating wealth in a disadvantaged community. We talked with her about Hemper, the sustainable handbag brand that has won her the 2019 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, as well as about her power as an agent of social transformation.

Cecilio Castrillo

The Artisan of Celebrities' Fetish Masks

Madonna, Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson usually wear Cecilio Castrillo's hand-modelled leather pieces. The artist and designer is currently showing his famous masks along with other creations in Wearable Art, his first solo exhibition running until December 31 at Naves del Matadero (Madrid). A show of unconventional leather craftsmanship.


Keepers of Spanish Tailoring

Oteyza reinvents men’s fashion with a strong Spanish flavour. The Cordovan hat and coat get a new life from an avant-garde point of view by a conscious and provocative tailor’s firm that wants to transgress the codes of international menswear.


Cape Coats With A Name Of Their Own

Marcos Seseña, quality, loyalty to the craft, exquisite customer service and a constantly renewed vision of a legendary garment: the cape coat.

Magro Cardona

21st Century Handmade Footwear

Leaving a mark is not easy, even more so in the Spanish footwear market. However, Magro Cardona managed to leave theirs in record time.