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Luis Tosar

The Chameleon Is Back

This August 30th, Luis Tosar premieres 'Quien a hierro mata' (Eye for an Eye), the latest film by Paco Plaza, featuring Tosar as a complex character—which is, of course, his trademark—immersed in a spiral of vengeance against drug dealers in a drug-ridden Galicia.

Ana Fernández

No Strings Pulled, Just Cable

The fourth season of 'Cable Girls' starts, in September 1931,  with gender equality as a backdrop. The plot begins with Carlota –Ana Fernández’s role— running for mayor of Madrid, like Manuela Carmena did, only 90 years earlier.


Ovid's Triumph In Mérida

A dream cast, a versatile director—David Serrano—with experience in musical theatre and cinema, and an adaptation by award-winning author Mary Zimmerman are the ingredients of the success of what is possibly the most relevant premiere of this year’s Mérida International Classical Theatre Festival.

Adriana Ozores

A Very Classic Rebel

If there is one prestigious award in Spanish theatre, it’s the Almagro International Classical Theatre Festival’s 'Corral de Comedias'. The upcoming winner, Adriana Ozores, is thankful and over the moon. Today she talks to us about talent and dedication.