Platino Awards

The heart of lbero-America

04/28/2023 · By Eva Melchor
Paz Vega at the press junkets for the Platino Awards 2023

Every year, the Platino Awards take the pulse of the Ibero-American film industry. And that beat reverberates with increasing force around the world thanks to their excellent films and series. Actors and actresses from different countries, those that lend their voices —and accents— to the stories that move us, gathered in Madrid to celebrate the tenth anniversary of these awards.

The gala of the Platino Awards, which recognise the best Ibero-American productions each year, was held on the 22nd of April. During its tenth edition, the film Argentina, 1985 and the series News of a Kidnapping became the stars of the show that night. The day before, Iberia, sponsor of the awards, had the chance to talk to some of the event’s protagonists and they all agreed on highlighting the importance of these awards. “They are essential to raise awareness of the number of extraordinary productions that are made and can be made,” noted the Argentinian actress Alejandra Flechner, nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Argentina, 1985.

For the Chilean actress Antonia Zegers, nominated for Best Actress for El castigo, the Platino Awards are more than a celebration: “During these days we come up with new ideas and projects that cross Ibero-America and overcome borders. That’s fantastic.” Borders that, in part due to the rise of social media, are becoming more blurred, a reality actors applaud because it allows them to work in different countries while preserving their own identities. “Each country has its own culture, its own flavour, and it’s beautiful to see that each person brings their own worldview to each production,” adds Colombian actor Carlos Torres. Identities reflected in a melting pot of accents, which Spanish actress Laura Galán, nominated for Best Actress for Piggy, celebrates by chanting: “Let’s feel proud of our accents!”

“During these days we come up with new ideas and projects that cross Ibero-America and overcome borders. That’s fantastic” — Antonia Zegers

During the Platino Awards, producers, directors, actors and other members of the film industry gather and, as Zegers mentioned, those meetings can lead to creative alliances. Paz Vega, one of the gala’s presenters, admits this: “It’s wonderful to run into producers and directors from across Ibero-America. This is where stories and projects are born, and that’s really important.” Connections that Mexican actor Diego Calva, who was the protagonist in Babylon last year alongside Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt, also defends: “I feel like the most beautiful thing about Ibero-American film are the connections we can make.” But all this would be impossible without talent, as Argentinian actor Michel Brown notes: “Talent is a muscle that needs to be exercised and that is acquired over time if you have the ability to find it in others.” For example, during the Platino Awards.


The audience also has a lot to say because, with their votes, they hand out the Audience Awards by Iberia. Here are the winners of 2023:

Best Ibero-American Film
Argentina, 1985.

Best Actor
Ricardo Darín (Argentina, 1985).

Best Actress
Laia Costa (Lullaby).

Best Miniseries or TV series
News of a Kidnapping.

Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV series
Guillermo Francella (The Boss).

Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV series
Natalia Oreiro (Santa Evita).