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Mala Rodríguez


Mala Rodríguez anticipated the present state of pop music, where the Latin thing is now a key element. After almost five years without a new album, she has a few new singles out. 'Aguante' (‘Endurance’) is the most recent one. We talk to her.

Javier Limón

“Spain Is An Endless Source Of Talent”

We talked with Javier Limón to celebrate the twenty years of Casa Limón, his unstoppable production company, and to learn about his new projects.

Iván ‘Coyu’ Ramos

How A DJ Becomes A Man In Ibiza

After an intense, 15-year career, countless tracks and remixes, this autumn Coyu, the most in-demand DJ and producer in Spain, is presenting 'You Don’t Know', his first album, on which he collaborates with the elite of contemporary electronic music.

San Sebastián

The Temple Of Jazz

The 54th edition of the Jazzaldia Festival offered 100 performances in 15 different stages. Like every year, San Sebastián became the world’s epicenter of jazz for a few days.

Lourdes Hernández

The Return Of Russian Red

The Madrid-born musician Russian Red, who took her name from a lipstick shade, has returned to her hometown to perform at Noches del Botánico on 31 July.

María Rodés

When Sensibility Becomes Emphatic

Catalan singer-songwriter María Rodés (Barcelona, ​​1986) has been in music for over a decade but she’s become particularly popular by voicing this summer’s ad by a popular beer brand, advocating the preservation of ocean life.

Long-Nailed Rosalía

(From A to Z)

How do you become an international star? Besides talent and special gifts, how much luck is necessary? Almodóvar, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Palomo Spain, Dua Lipa, and the Kardashians are usually right. And they all love Rosalía.

Go To A Music Festival And Stay For The City Museum

In Spain, there are music festivals in many cities big and small. Whether you are into electronic music, pop, indie, rock or heavy metal, you will surely find yours. And if you happen to also like to visit museums, here is a list of suggestions to enjoy both. The problem is, which one(s) to choose?