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Antonio Banderas

A Prophet in his Own Land with Teatro del Soho Caixabank

Malaga’s Teatro del Soho Caixabank opens its curtains on November 15 with the international musical ‘A Chorus Line’, Antonio Banderas’ most personal project. What are the challenges he has set himself? What kind of performances will the refurbished theatre offer? What does this mean to him? The artist tells us in his own words.

Antonio de la Torre

“A film tells you more about life than eighty news shows”

Nothing makes Antonio de la Torre tick more than playing the stories of others, especially those that need to be told the most. Soon he will return to the silver screen, as the protagonist of one of the most anticipated features of the year, 'The Endless Trench', yet another impeccable bit of interpretation by the chameleonic artist.

64 Seminci

Spanish Documentaries Stand Out at the Valladolid International Film Week

The 64th edition of the Valladolid Film Week includes the section 'DOC. España', with proposals that address topics such as children trafficking, Las Meninas, the food industry, and Castilian seasonal livestock migration.

Miguel Ángel Muñoz

From Madrid to Heaven

Madrid-born actor Miguel Ángel Muñoz is premiering 'El crack zero', the third instalment of the film noir trilogy that also marks his 25th anniversary in front of the cameras.

Tamara Rojo

Commitment on Points

Tamara Rojo has been living in the United Kingdom for almost half of her life, yet she takes her Spanish roots with her everywhere she goes. Now, the English National Ballet’s artistic director—and one of the most recognized dancers on the planet—returns to Madrid’s Teatro Real from October 10 to 12 with her version of the classic 'Giselle': a contemporary and mature choreographic production.

San Sebastian International Film Festival

All the Spanish Films (and There are Many) that You Can Watch in this Edition

A new edition of the San Sebastian International Film Festival (SSIFF) kick starts on Friday 20th. Spanish cinema has an outstanding presence in this year’s program, one of the most eclectic to date with thrillers, science fiction films, TV series, and documentaries. These are the films you can’t miss.

Carmen Machi

“You Can Fear Being Jobless But Not Being Pigeonholed”

This year Carmen Machi is premiering major projects both in and out of Spain. Coming up is her role as a criminal suspect in 'Criminal', a thriller series that sees our most versatile actress showing once again she can deal with any role thrown at her.

Víctor Ullate

Goodbye with ‘Antigone’

Choreographer Víctor Ullate says goodbye to his audience, after a career of almost forty years, with Sophocles’ tragedy 'Antigone', starring the great Lucía Lacarra.


The Musical Reinvention of Asier Etxeandia

We have a chat with Asier Etxeandia main character of 'Sordo', the new Almodovar´s film, who continues on tour playing the songs from the first album by Mastodonte, his band and real passion.

Luis Tosar

The Chameleon Is Back

This August 30th, Luis Tosar premieres 'Quien a hierro mata' (Eye for an Eye), the latest film by Paco Plaza, featuring Tosar as a complex character—which is, of course, his trademark—immersed in a spiral of vengeance against drug dealers in a drug-ridden Galicia.