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Talent travels safely with Iberia

01/10/2023 · By Redacción TAB
Iberia safety video

Singer Rozalén, actress Itziar Ituño, designer Teresa Helbig, painter Pedro Paricio, chef Dabiz Muñoz, and artist Suso33, alongside athletes Niko Shera, Ray Zapata, and Silvia Mas feature in Iberia’s new safety video. The airline aims to attract the attention of passengers, promote Spain as a tourist destination, and prove its commitment to Spanish talent.

How to attract the attention of passengers while explaining safety measures on airplanes? This is the challenging question Iberia asked itself the video at the top of this article is the answer. An original piece in which two flight attendants, in the presence of different Spanish talents related to culture and sports, go over the measures that reinforce passengers’ safety onboard: setting devices to airplane mode, folding tray tables, fastening seatbelts, etc.

The video has been developed in collaboration with TurEspaña to promote the most touristic destinations in Spain. So, during the video we see painter Pedro Paricio in the Alambra in Granada, judoka Niko Shera in the Plaza del Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela, or artist Suso33 in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, among others. We mustn’t forget that 80% of tourists that visit Spain come by plane and the video shows everything the country has to offer. It also features the new uniform, designed by Teresa Helbig, that Iberia flight attendants wear.

“This initiative, in collaboration with TurEspaña, will help us to show everything the country has to offer” — Gemma Juncá, Marketing Director at Iberia

So, Iberia sets itself a series of goals with its new safety video. To inform passengers of the safety measures onboard, both preventative and in the case of emergency. To reinforce its position as a Spanish brand that generates prosperity by showing iconic places from across the country to travellers. To relaunch the Talento a bordo project, an initiative that shows the company’s support for, commitment and connection to Spanish talent. This talent is represented by the celebrities from the world of culture and sports that appear in the video, connecting with the world through Iberia.

The video will be launched through an ambitious campaign, including an outdoor series in the cities it was filmed in, as well as digital content and social media posts, featuring different talents.

New talent, new destinations, and new messages. Will you join us on this journey?


Itziar Ituño. This actress, famous for her role in Money Heist, takes part in the opening and closing credits of the video from inside the Teatro Real in Madrid.

Rozalén. With a spectacular view of Toledo behind her, this singer-songwriter reminds us that all electronic devices must be switched to airplane mode.

Niko Shera. With a judo world champion and the Obradoiro bearing witness, we learn how to correctly stow our hand luggage.

Ray Zapata. In the green Laguna de los Clicos in Lanzarote, gymnast Ray Zapata —silver in Tokyo— folds his tray table before take-off.

Teresa Helbig. The designer behind the new Iberia uniforms fastens her seatbelt in the Technological District in Barcelona.

Pedro Paricio. Inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, this painter from the Canary Islands uses his paintbrush to draw an airplane, including its various emergency exits.

Silvia Mas. There’s no one better than the sailing world champion to introduce an element she uses in all her competitions: the life vest.

Dabiz Muñoz. Three is the number of Michelin stars this chef boasts while putting his creativity at the service of the oxygen mask.

Suso33. Smoking onboard is forbidden. This urban artist turns this ban into a striking graffiti in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.