Silvia Mas and Diego Gª Carrera

The Goal: Paris - Ep. 1

12/14/2022 · By Redacción TAB
Silvia Mas and Diego Gª Carrera in episode 1 of The Goal: Paris

Sailing, specifically 470, and race walking are the two disciplines that Silvia Mas and Diego Gª Carrera perform in, and they couldn’t seem more dissimilar. Nevertheless, these two members of the Iberia Talento a bordo Team have the same attitude when preparing for the next Games. These will be their second Games, and their eagerness to do well in Paris outshines any nerves they assure us they indeed have.

Silvia Mas (Barcelona, 1996) explains that she loves sailing almost since she was born: “My parents have always been close to the sea. Undoubtedly, sailing was my destiny.” For this yachtswoman, who spends most of the year training and competing far from home, “it’s lovely that we all, my parents and my four siblings, sail and compete, because having the support of my family, who perfectly understand the sport at this level, is an incredible bonus.” Understanding, and much more. “Indeed, we’ve always been competitive at home, but it’s healthy competition. We’ve competed against each other and that has brought out the best of ourselves,” she adds.

Silvia admits that she can’t remember the first time she sailed, but her first competition must have been at the age of eight. In the next Games, she’ll be captain again, like in Tokyo, at the helm. “What I feel onboard is indescribable, something only sailing gives me. That mixture of emotions, alongside the physical effort, the sea’s strength, the cold... They’re so many variables that come together and make you forget everything else. Then, when you stop, you feel it all at once.”

“What I feel onboard is indescribable, something only sailing gives me” — Silvia Mas

The case of Diego Gª Carrera (Madrid, 1996) is somewhat different. He explains that he started doing race walking by chance, to have a spot on a team. He soon fell in love with this discipline that is “more mental and strategic, where you have to pace yourself throughout 20 kilometres.” An idea that fits his career well, which has always been focused on academics because of his parents: “They always emphasised the importance of studying, because you can’t bet your future on athletics.”

A graduate in Business Administration and Management, Diego did a Master’s in Financial Markets, and is currently studying another in Record Production, which links directly to his second great passion. “I’ve always loved music —he tells us— and I play the trombone. I joined the conservatory at the age of seven and I finished the professional degree. Music has always been part of my day-to-day along with sports.”

The goal: Paris
In Tokyo, his first Games, Diego Gª Carrera finished sixth, receiving a diploma that left him wanting more, although he gained a priceless experience. "I’ve set my hopes on Paris. I’m at a good age for my discipline, and I hope to win a medal. The Games are the number one goal, and all planning is aimed at that day.”

Silvia agrees on the topic of preparation, for whom the Paris Games will also be her second Games, although in her case there’s some important news: a change in regulation means that 470 becomes a mixed discipline. Silvia is already training with yachtsman Nico Rodríguez, who won the bronze in Tokyo. “It’s really important to us to have already taken part in the Games. I think our combined experiences will be really positive for the team,” she declares.

“I’ve set my hopes on Paris. I’m at a good age for my discipline, I’ve gained more experience, and I hope to win a medal” — Diego Gª Carrera

Silvia’s new shipmate is from Vigo, which is why she’s moved her training location to this Galician city for the season. And Diego travelled to such a wonderful setting, to that wide estuary with the Cíes Islands in the background, to chat to her about their respective sports, their training, their careers, and that common goal: Paris. Also, about nerves and how to overcome them, which led them to revealing a few of their secrets. Find out in the video!